Thirsties Hemp Inserts (2 pack)

Thirsties Hemp Inserts (2 pack)


Tired of battling build-up in microfiber? Need a better overnight solution? Looking to add some oomph to your current cloth diapering systems as an answer for your little heavy wetter?

Thirsties Hemp Inserts are the answer! Made from 6 layers of remarkably soft hemp (55%) and jersey cotton (45%), these inserts provide a dense padding with less bulk than microfiber.

Switch out your stinky microfiber inserts for these, or use them as a booster with prefolds or fitted diapers for a great overnight combination. When adding to a fitted diaper, tuck the insert into your cover, outside the diaper, to prevent leg gaps on the fitted diaper. Wrap and fasten your fitted diaper around baby first and thenadd the insert/cover combination on top.

Before Use: Thirsties Hemp products need to be washed and dried at least twice before use to rid the fibers of the natural oils. Thirsties hemp products will reach maximum absorbency after about 8 wash cycles.

These inserts come in two sizes for a customizable fit:

  • Small works with Thirsties size 1 products (approximately newborn to 15 lbs); also works with AppleCheeks size 1; FuzziBunz Perfect Size in XS or S; and gDiapers gPants in small.
  • Large fits in Thirsties size 2 products (approximately 15-40 lbs); also works with AppleCheeks size 2; FuzziBunz Perfect Size in M, L, or XL; gDiapers gPants in medium or large; and almost any other "one size" diapers such as bumGenius, AMP, Tots Bots