Thirsties Booty Luster Wipe Spray

Thirsties Booty Luster Wipe Spray in 4 ounces


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Thirsties' Booty Luster is a gentle, moisturizing wipe solution that cleanses, soothes, and aids in diaper rash prevention. It's not soapy or harsh like many disposable wipes - Thirsties Booty Luster is completely alcohol free, non-toxic, and non-irritating.

Combine Thirsties Booty Luster with Thirsties Fab Wipes for an environmentally friendly, cost-saving alternative to disposable wipes. 

Ingredients: Organic aloe vera juice, calendula, chamomile, lavender, Oregon grape root, witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, lavender essential oil, polysorbate 20, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, citric acid.

Made in the USA!