Super Undies Daytime Pull-on Trainers

SuperUndies Trainer in Blue


Super Undies training pants are hands-down the highest quality training underpants you will find.

Forget those padded cotton underpants from the big-box stores - they don't hold accidents anyway, so why bother? And resorting to pull-up disposable diapers will only draw out the potty training process even longer, because they keep your child too dry when an accident happens.

Super Undies are the answer. 

  • Super stretchy sides allow your child to pull these trainers up or down with ease.
  • Two layers of hidden microfiber will soak up small accidents, and the meshy inner layer lets your child feel the wetness of an accident.
  • The colorful PUL outside keeps your child's clothing dry if an accident does happen.
  • Hidden pocket can be stuffed with additional absorbency if you're going to be without access to a potty for a while and are worried that an accident is likely to occur.

Super Undies cloth trainer sizing chart