SoftBums One-Size DryTouch Pod

SoftBums One-Size DryTouch Pod


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SoftBums' signature creamy soft fleece tops all of our DryTouch Pods. DryTouch means your baby feels dry, solids roll right off, and stains don't stick around. They are absorbent, trim, and they dry quickly.

This pod is the biggest of the three SoftBums options for DryTouch pods - it should really be called the XL! Because it is so long and can be folded to create extra absorbency where you need it, this makes a wonderful insert when using your SoftBums Omni shell for babies who sleep through the night or heavy-wetting toddlers.

Looking for a smaller size? Try the mini DryTouch Pod  for newborns, or the large DryTouch Pod  for bigger babies who don't need the ultra absorbency offered by this size.

This pod can be snapped in the back of the SoftBums Omni shell for use as an all-in-two (AI2) diaper, or it can be stuffed inside the rear pocket opening of the Omni for use as a pocket diaper. (Our preference is to use the diaper as an AI2 so that you don't have to wash the shell after every use! If you do this, we recommend about four pods for each shell.)