SoftBums Omni Shell

SoftBums Omni Shell


The incredible SoftBums Omni is one of our new personal favorites! SoftBums' patent-pending Slide2Size toggle system makes this diaper a breeze to adjust, allowing the leg elastic to span from 4" to 14" without the use of rise snaps. We fully believe SoftBums' claim that theirs is the only one-size diaper that truly fits a newborn.

The SoftBums Omni is a wonderfully versatile diaper - it can be used as a pocket diaper or an all-in-two (AI2).

  • To use as a pocket diaper, simply stuff an insert in the pocket at the rear. The Omni is a standard width, so if you have extra "one-size" inserts such as Flips or Thirsties, they will work. You can also purchase any SoftBums pod to stuff inside the pocket. If used as a pocket diaper, both the Omni shell and the insert will have to be washed after every use.
  • To use as an AI2 diaper, pair with any SoftBums pod (the snap is also compatible with Best Bottom inserts). The pod will snap into the back of the shell and lay atop the fleece-lined pocket. We prefer using the Omni as an AI2 because it is much more economical and results in less diaper laundry to wash. Generally, we recommend a ratio of about four pods per shell; the shell can be reused as long as it doesn't get dirty. Washing less frequently will also give the shell a longer useful life than if it is used as a pocket and has to be washed every time it's used.

What's the difference between SoftBums' Omni and Echo shells? Not much! The differences are very subtle; we highly recommend either choice.

  • The Omni has a snap in the back like the Echo so it can be used as an AI2, but also features a pocket opening if you prefer to use it as a pocket diaper. This might come in handy on occasion if your baby will have a caregiver who doesn't understand cloth diapers, since you can pre-stuff the pocket.
  • The Echo is about an inch more narrow in the crotch, which makes for a slightly better fit if you're wanting to use the SoftBums system for a newborn.

Made in the USA.