SoftBums Mini Bamboo Pod

SoftBums Mini Bamboo Pod


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The SoftBums mini bamboo pod is made of two layers of absorbent organic bamboo (70%) and cotton (30%) - all natural fibers. This makes a wonderful insert when using your SoftBums shell for a newborn!

The mini bamboo pod can snap in the back of the SoftBums Omni shell for use as an all-in-two (AI2) diaper, or it can be stuffed inside the rear pocket opening of the Omni for use as a pocket diaper. (Our preference is to use the diaper as an AI2 so that you don't have to wash the shell after every use! If you do this, we recommend about four pods for each shell.)

Recommended for babies 12 lbs or under. Is your baby too big for the mini? Check out the large bamboo pod instead! 

Made in the USA.