SoftBums Large Bamboo Pod

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The SoftBums large bamboo pod is made of two layers of absorbent organic bamboo (70%) and cotton (30%) - all natural fibers. The large bamboo pod can snap in the back of the SoftBums Omni shell for use as an all-in-two (AI2) diaper, or it can be stuffed inside the rear pocket opening of the Omni for use as a pocket diaper. The snaps are also compatible with the Best Bottom shell if you prefer to mix and match your products! 

The large bamboo pod is a rectangular shape, equivalent in size to other "one-size" diaper inserts.

  • If you're looking for something smaller for a baby under about 12 lbs, go with the SoftBums Mini Bamboo Pod.
  • If you want something much larger and more absorbent (particularly for naps or overnight), we recommend the SoftBums Bamboo SUPERpod.

Made in the USA.