RLR Laundry Treatment

RLR Laundry Treatment


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Are your diapers are starting to smell less than perfectly fresh? Do you have an ammonia or rash problem? If you've been cloth diapering for any amount of time, you've heard talk of "stripping" diapers to remove built-up detergent residue and other deposits from the fibers. There are many options for stripping diapers, depending on what is the cause of the problem. RLR Laundry Treatment is the most effective additive for stripping detergent residue off cloth diapers. (For stripping greasy diaper rash cream build-up, we recommend a very small amount of original blue Dawn).

Using RLR is not only inexpensive and effective, but also safe - it won't void a warranty on your diapers or damage your washing machine. It contains no bleach, bluing, or detergent - its main ingredient is super-fine, super-concentrated sodium carbonate.

Instructions: Place clean diapers (wet or dry) in your washing machine. Start a cycle with 1-2 Tablespoons of RLR. Do you see a lot of soapy bubbles? If so, this is from detergent residue that was lingering in the fibers of your diapers. Rinse until the bubbles are gone.