This & That Newborn Diaper Rental

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This & That Newborn Diaper Rental


Our newly redesigned "This & That" 8-week newborn diaper rental package includes:

Each package comes with a beautiful assortment of gender-neutral colors and prints.

Our gently used packages are guaranteed to be in very good condition or better (i.e. no visible wear and tear other than possible light staining). Between rentals, we wash the diapers twice and sanitize with bleach and grapefruit seed extract.

The "available date" of a package is the latest date by which the package will be available, but we may be able to ship it to you sooner. Your 8-week rental term will begin on your due date or the baby's birthday, whichever is later.

*We redesigned our This & That package in September of 2016

Why Rent Newborn Cloth Diapers?

Because "One-Size" Cloth Diapers Don't Usually Fit Newborns.

Although most cloth diaper manufacturers claim that their "one-size" diapers fit babies from 8-35 pounds, it's the rare 8-pound newborn who has chunky enough thighs to fit in a "one-size" diaper. Most of our customers agree that 10-12 pounds is a good starting point for getting a good fit in "one-size" diapers.

To Try Out Cloth Diapering.

You'll have 8 weeks to get addicted used to using cloth diapers and handling the cloth diaper laundry routine.

To Save Money!

If you use disposable diapers, you throw away money with every single diaper that baby wears. Newborns use 10-14 diapers per day, so if you calculate an average usage of 12 diapers per day, you would buy (and throw away) a whopping 672 disposable diapers in baby's first 8 weeks. Big box stores sell packages of 32 Pampers Swaddlers in the newborn size for $9.99, or $0.31 per diaper. You'll need to buy 21 32-packs of diapers, which will cost $210!

How does it work?

  1. Reserve your newborn diaper rental package by submitting an order for the rental package of your choice. Choose from the Easy Peasy (AIOs) or This & That (AI2s, AIOs, and pockets). Packages are available in new or used condition, and come with an adorable array of gender-neutral colors and prints. All packages include 24 diaper changes.
  2. A $99 refundable deposit will automatically be added to your order. 
  3. Your newborn diaper rental package will be ready two weeks before your due date or up to two weeks after your order is placed, whichever is later.
  4. Enjoy your adorable diapers for 8 weeks! (We start counting the 8 weeks on your due date or baby's actual birthday, whichever is later.)
  5. Bring or ship the diapers back by the return date in an acceptable condition as specified in the rental terms, and we will refund your deposit.