Planet Wise Diaper Cover

Planet Wise Diaper Cover Chick-a-Dee Olive


Planet Wise Reusable Diaper Cover

Your favorite Planet Wise prints are now available as Diaper covers! The Planet Wise Diaper Cover is available in two adjustable sizes to allow for a trim fit from birth through potty training!

  • The inner of the diaper cover is made from high quality PUL and the outer is a 100% cotton designer print.
  • Top and bottom waterproof PUL flaps (soft side toward baby) hold your cloth diaper in place and don't wick, allowing the diaper cover to be reused many times before washing!
  • Double gussets are gentle on your baby's thighs, but contain even the biggest mess.
  • A double row of waist closure snaps makes for a great fit without wing droop!
  • The Planet Wise Diaper Cover is proudly made in the USA!

2-Sided, coordinating prints will rotate continually with many limited edition options!                 

To Use:

  • Adjust rise snaps.
  • Tuck cloth diaper under front and back flats or put cloth diaper on baby.
  • Put diaper cover on baby, using waist snaps to create a snug fit on your baby.
  • Change cloth diaper when wet or soiled. Reuse diaper cover till wet or soiled.

Washing Instructions:

  • Remove solids
  • Cold rinse (no detergent)
  • Warm or hot wash with additive free detergent
  • Tumble dry low or line dry

**no additives, bleach, softeners or water temperature above 120 degrees

Sizing Suggestions:

Size 1: 6 lbs. - 18 lbs.
Size 2: 15 lbs. - 35+ lbs.