Moby GO

Moby GO in Barberry print


Take the second step in babywearing with the Moby GO, a lightweight and sporty soft structured carrier. Designed for babies 15 pounds and up, this amazingly comfortable, soft structured baby carrier provides a comfortable and ergonomic fit for both babies and parents. 

The Moby GO has wide shoulder straps that criss-cross in back to distribute baby's weight evenly. Rather than a difficult buckle inconveniently placed between the wearer's shoulders, the GO has easy-to-reach side buckles. The buckles are a breeze to adjust for the perfect fit. The waist belt features dual foam: a rigid side for support, and, for comfort, a cushier side next to the wearer.

Read the full Moby GO instruction manual here!


  • Baby's seat is 14.5" wide and 18" tall
  • Waist belt adjusts from 26" to 54" 

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