KaWaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter

KaWaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter in Happy Friends


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KaWaii's "Goodnight Heavy Wetter" is a heavy-duty, one-size pocket diaper made to work for 12+ hours while your baby snoozes away peacefully on dry sheets. The fleece lining will keep your sleepy sweetheart feeling completely dry and comfortable all through the night. 

The Goodnight Heavy Wetter is a wonderful overnight cloth diaper solution for babies who are sleeping 10+ hours at night. Although the manufacturer suggests a weight range of 8 to 35 pounds, we find that this diaper fits best starting at a minimum of 15 pounds due to its very generous cut. As your little one approaches toddlerhood, if you need more absorbency than the two included microfiber inserts can provide, we recommend stuffing the GNHW with GroVia's bamboo prefolds.

We're often asked what makes the Goodnight Heavy Wetter such a great cloth diaper for overnight use. 

  • The PUL is triple-laminated, so the waterproof outer of the diaper feels quite "thick" compared to other pocket diapers.
  • The big reason it works well is that it's just a BIG diaper. Therefore, the pocket opening can easily accommodate several inserts or a bulky prefold with plenty of absorbency to last all night long. Yes, your baby's bottom will look huge in this diaper, but at least you won't be woken up at night by an unhappy baby rolling around on cold, wet sheets!  

Made in China.