Imagine Wool Cover

Imagine Wool Cover in Snow


Forget your preconceived notions of wool as a hot, scratchy material! Made of especially fine, soft knit wool, these Imagine wool covers are wonderfully soft and breathable. The high knitted waistband and long legbands will makes night-time diaper leaks a thing of the past. Wool covers will be your best friends for overnight diapering purposes - pair them with fitted diapers or prefolds and sleep easy knowing your little one won't be leaking overnight! 

Although wool diaper covers are commonly referred to as "soakers", that doesn't mean that they wick moisure from the prefold or fitted diaper you use underneath. They are actually made waterproof through a process known as lanolization, which just means washing them gently in a lanolin/water mixture. After you have lanolized wool, it will repel and neutralize urine that comes into contact with it. The wool will simply need to be aired out after use and occasionally re-lanolized (every month or so). 

Suggested Size Ranges:

  • Small fits approximately 7-18 lbs.
  • Medium fits approximately 14-26 lbs.
  • Large fits approximately 24-35 lbs.

    Made in China.