Imagine Flat Diapers (6-pack)

Imagine Cotton Flat Diapers Flutter


Because they are only one layer, flat diapers are super easy to clean, and they also dry quickly on the line or in your dryer. Plus, flats are an incredible value!

A flat is truly a one-size-fits-all diaper because it can be folded to fit your baby just perfectly. You can use two diapers (or more) when you need extra absorbency for overnight or heavy wetters.

Flat Diapers are just the original cloth diapers used by our great-grandmothers! These flat diapers are made of soft 100% birdseye weave cotton or bamboo and sewn to the dimensions of 27" x 27" (but please allow for 5-10% of shrinkage). Flat diapers are also great for burp cloths, lap pads, changing pads, dish towels, house cleaning, applying and removing facials, and cleaning your glasses, windows, and screens. 

Imagine Flat Diapers are chlorine-free! The cotton is whitened with a peroxide bleach solution with a low pH level (to avoid any skin sensitivities). Please understand that the prints will fade a bit because we don't use harsh dyes on our prints, they will show some fading. Bleaching will cause extreme fading, so we don't suggest it.