GroVia Stay-Dry Soaker Pads (2-pack)

GroVia Stay-Dry Soaker Pads (2-pack)



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GroVia Stay-Dry Soaker Pads are have an absorbent cotton/hemp core topped with soft, stay-dry fleece! Using an all-in-two (AI2) system mean smaller loads of laundry that use less water and detergent, and lower overall cost for your stash of diapers. We recommend a ratio of about four soaker pads for each shell.

What makes GroVia Stay-Dry Soaker Pads different from other AI2 inserts?

  • Waterproof TPU backing means your fingers don't get wet when you un-snap the soaker from the shell, and the shell stays dry inside as well.
  • Hourglass shape helps the diaper fit trimly on babies of all sizes.
  • True leg gussets help contain messes and keep your shell clean for more uses between washings.
  • Four layers of hemp/cotton blend topped with cozy microfleece.

To Use: Simply snap your GroVia Soaker Pad into your favorite GroVia hybrid shell. When wet, unsnap and replace with a fresh soaker. If soiled, place both soaker and shell into diaper pail and start with a new set!

Note: If your little one is approaching the time for potty training, you may want to consider the GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pads instead. This will help your little one begin to associate the act of wetting the diaper with the feeling of wetness, which can speed along the potty training learning curve!