Diaper Diamond Cloth Diaper Splatter Shield

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Diaper Diamond is a cloth diaper sprayer shield that makes rinsing cloth diapers a breeze. Diaper Diamond allows you to stretch out the cloth diaper before spraying, which makes rinsing more effective, while the front panel contains the overspray and keeps the mess of a dirty diaper where it belongs: in the toilet!

Can I use any size diaper with Diaper Diamond?

Yes! Diaper Diamond was developed to be used with any size of diaper. The slits were placed with small to large diapers in mind. We have tried many different sizes and styles of diapers with our product and have always had success. Some newborn diapers may be too small to be stretched out fully as they won't reach the bottom slits.

How do I store Diaper Diamond?

Diaper Diamond has a hole on the right side so you can easily hang it on a hook right above your toilet tank. When not in use, Diaper Diamond will easily slide behind the toilet and hang on the hook, out of the way and barely noticeable but easily accessible to pull out when needed. Another option is to store Diaper Diamond in a large wet bag. You can store it along side your wetbag. Diaper Diamond is flexible and will bend easily if you have a round diaper pail.


Dimensions: 25 1/4" w x 17 3/4" h at the widest points.