Best Bottom Shell

Best Bottom Shell in Dragonfly


The Best Bottom system is a simple and economical way to use cloth diapers. You'll fall in love with the eye-catching color combinations and precious prints, and their ease of use will make everyone happy!

The Best Bottom one-size diapering system is known as an "all-in-two" (AI2) cloth diaper. The shell is a waterproof diaper cover with interior snaps used to anchor the absorbent soaker pads, which are laid on top of the shell inside the diaper. The soakers are available for purchase separately in either an organic cotton/hemp blend or microfiber with a stay-dry layer on top. You can also choose to use the Best Bottom hybrid shell as a cover over a fitted diaper or prefold

Each shell can generally be used 4-5 times between washings; you'll just want to wash the shell when it gets dirty. Therefore, this system is extremely affordable on a per-change basis! In addition, your AI2 shells will have a longer life than all-in-ones or pocket diapers because they don't have to be washed after every single use. 

Is your little one not so little anymore? The Best Bottom waist extender tabs can help ensure a good fit even on the biggest baby Buddha belly!