Best Bottom Microfiber Insert

Best Bottom Microfiber Insert


The Best Bottom one-size diapering system is known as an "all-in-two" (AI2) cloth diaper. This hemp/organic cotton insert is specially made to snap right into the Best Bottom shell. When it's time to change baby's diaper, as long as the shell isn't dirty, simply snap in a fresh insert! Each shell can generally be used 4-5 times between washings, making this system extremely affordable on a per-change basis! In general, we recommend purchasing a ratio of 4 inserts for each shell you own.

With the Best Bottom system, you have the option of a microfiber insert with a stay-dry layer on top (which you are viewing) or a hemp/organic cotton insert. Why choose the microfiber over the hemp? Microfiber doesn't require prepping other than one pre-wash, whereas the hemp/organic cotton insert takes 4-5 wash/dry cycles to shrink up and reach its full absorbency. In addition, this insert keeps baby feeling dry because of the soft fleecy layer atop the microfiber. Finally, microfiber dries more quickly and is less expensive than natural fibers.

While the Best Bottom AI2 shell is "one-size" with an adjustable rise and waist, the Best Bottom inserts are available in three sizes. You'll need to move up to larger inserts as you let out the rise setting to lengthen the diaper as baby grows.

  • Small fits approximately from birth to 14 lbs (on the smallest rise setting for the shell)
  • Medium fits from 11 to 22 lbs (on the middle two rise settings for the shell)
  • Large insert fits from 16 to 35 lbs (will only fit the diaper once all of the rise snaps are undone, at the diaper's largest setting)

(Psst... did you know that the Best Bottom inserts also fit inside SoftBums shells? It's true!)