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Welcome to our registry center!

We are honored that you have chosen Over the Moon Diapers for the needs of your new baby. Getting started is easy! You need to sign up for an account first and then get started building your cloth diaper gift registry. Don't forget to choose your due date and to personalize a message to your family and friends. 

As always, we are available to assist you should you have questions - contact us here.

Gift Registry FAQs

➢ What benefits do I get for registering at Over the Moon Diapers?
Over the Moon Diapers has everything you need to cloth diaper your precious little bundle, and we offer second-to-none customer service. When your registry closes, you'll receive a special discount code from us equal to 10% of the value of gifts that were purchased for you (excluding gift certificates) as a thank-you for creating your cloth diaper gift registry with us!

➢ How can I share my gift registry with friends and family members?

After you create a registry, we'll assign you a custom URL ( that's easy to share with your friends and family. You can also print these adorable cards (6 to a page) to include with baby shower invitations, or use the single image below for electronic baby shower invitations!

➢ Do you offer gift certificates?
We offer adorable gift certificates printed on heavy paper with a crisp white envelope. We can mail the gift certificate to the buyer or directly to the recipient. We also offer instant electronic gift cards that are transmitted via email. Both the paper gift certificate and the electronic gift card can be redeemed in person or online.

➢ Will I be notified when purchases are made from my registry?
No, because some people prefer to be surprised! However, you can log in and check on the status of your registry at any time.

➢ How can I make changes to my registry?
First, log in to your account and then go to manage my registry. (We recommend that you do this on a desktop, laptop, or tablet and not a mobile phone.) 

➢ Can I create my registry in the store?

➢ What if I receive duplicates?
If you get duplicates of a gift you can exchange them for other products in store.

➢ How long will my registry be available?
Your registry will be active for one month after your due date. After this time, it will not be visible on our website; however, we will still be able to access your list for you.


Recommended Cloth Diaper Registry Basics

❑ A newborn diaper rental package to get you through the first few months when babies are generally too small for adjustable one-size diapers.

❑ Approximately 20-30 one-size cloth diapers. (If you are registering for one-size all-in-two (AI2) diapers, count the number of inserts, not the number of shells. We suggest a ratio of 3-4 inserts per shell.)

❑ Two diaper pail liners. This lets you keep one in the pail while the other is going through the laundry. 

❑ Three dozen cloth wipes

❑ Two bottles of cloth wipe solution

❑ Cloth-friendly diaper ointment

❑ Three wet bags of various sizes for when you're out and about. 

❑ A diaper sprayer or diaper liners to make it easy to clean off poopy diapers.