Newborn Diaper Rental Terms

  1. Your rental package should arrive by the later of (a) two weeks before your estimated due date or (b) two weeks after you place your order. The 8-week rental period begins on your EDD or baby’s birthday, whichever is later. Please contact us if your baby is born after his/her due date and we will adjust your rental dates accordingly.
  2. The diapers must be used in a non-smoking household.
  3. The diapers must be washed at least every two days with a pre-rinse, a hot cycle with a cloth diaper safe detergent (no optical brighteners, fabric softeners, or fragrances other than essential oils), and a final rinse. They may either be dried on the line, or dried on the medium setting in the dryer without the use of fabric softening sheets such as Bounce.
  4. Only "cloth-safe" diaper rash creams may come into contact with the diapers directly. Do not use diaper rash creams containing cod liver oil or calamine. If you aren’t sure if a certain cream is cloth-safe, feel free to ask us or just go ahead and place a liner between the baby's bottom and the diaper to prevent damage to the diapers.
  5. The diapers must be returned to us clean, dry, without smells, and in an acceptable condition inside and out. "Acceptable condition" means that although the diapers have been worn and washed, they still look almost new and they are fully functional. Normal wear and tear such as pilling of fleece or light staining is acceptable. Heavy staining or repelling resulting from the use of unapproved diaper rash creams is unacceptable. Excessive snagging and pilling from not using the laundry tabs on hook & loop diapers is also unacceptable. If any diaper is in unacceptable condition at the end of the rental period, an amount up to 60% of its MSRP may be deducted from your deposit.
  6. If diapers are not returned within a 3-day grace period of the return date, Over the Moon Diapers may deduct $3 per day from the deposit. You are welcome to return the diapers early to receive your deposit back, but the rental fee will not be refunded or pro-rated.
  7. If the diapers still fit your baby well towards the end of your rental period, rental extensions may be purchased for a fee of $10 per additional week. Please contact us first to see if it will be available for extension; it is possible that we could have a re-rental already booked with a tight turnaround time.
  8. When you return your diapers, you may choose receive your deposit (less any adjustments, if applicable) back in the form of store credit or a refund in the same method that payment was originally made.