How to Save $1,500 with Cloth Diapers

You can easily save $1,500 or more on your first child and even more than that with each subsequent child by using cloth diapers instead of disposables.

Single-use diapers are the most expensive diapering option you'll find - and where does all that money go? Into the garbage after just a few hours of use.

Your baby will need approximately 6,000 to 8,000 diaper changes from birth to potty training. WOW! Have you thought about how much that will cost? Most people don't want to know the answer. If you choose to use disposables, you can expect to pay at least $2,200 for disposable diapers if your baby potty trains at age 2.5. 

Alternatively, you can spend around $700* on a complete set of premium modern cloth diapers and accessories, including:

  • $150 to rent newborn-sized cloth diapers for 3 months.
  • $510 to purchase 30 one-size cloth diapers at an average price of $17/each.
  • $150 for various accessories like pail liners, wet bags, detergent, and flushable liners or a diaper sprayer.
  • $150 in increased energy costs for washing the diapers at home. (The increase in your monthly water bill from doing an extra 3 loads of laundry per week is barely noticeable.)
  • When your baby potty trains, resell the 30 one-size diapers for 50% of retail, recouping $255. 

* You can actually spend much, much less than $700 on a full set of cloth diapers if you opt for an economy system such as prefolds and covers, an all-in-two system, or by purchasing gently used diapers!

Keep in mind that your exact savings will depend on a dizzying array of variables, including how often you change your baby, what brand of disposables you would have purchased, at what age your baby potty trains, what systems and brands of cloth diapers you buy, whether you use your cloth diapers on more than one baby, whether you wash them at home or in a laundromat, and other factors.

We're confident that you can save significant amounts of money in any situation by choosing cloth diapers!