How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need?

Most of our customers keep about 20-30 cloth diaper changes on hand, allowing them to wash diapers ever other day. Newborns go through the most diaper changes, approximately 10-14 changes every 24 hours. However, as your baby learns to sleep longer stretches at night, it's much easier to get by with fewer diapers. Toddlers tend to "hold it" for longer periods and may only go through 6-7 diaper changes per day.

Although we sell our diapers individually, we've compiled a few different scenarios to show how you might design your baby's cloth diaper stash and how much each scenario would cost. There are endless possibilities, of course, but most families find 3-5 brands/types of diapers they like and build a stash out of those.

Keep in mind that "one-size" diapers don't tend to fit newborns well, so most parents use different diapers in the first few months and then transition to the "one-size" diapers that will last through potty training.

Cloth Diapering Options for Newborns

Each of the examples given below shows costs for 24 diaper changes. Our newborn diaper rentals are available for an 8-week period. We estimate that using Pampers for baby's first 8 weeks would cost about $210, so any of these options would be an excellent alternative over disposables! 

"One-Size" Cloth Diapering Options

Each of the examples given below shows costs for 20 diaper changes. As you can see, all-in-two (AI2) systems are the least expensive, but even the most expensive cloth diapers will prove far less expensive than disposables in the long run!