"Stripping" cloth diapers refers to any deep-cleaning method that goes above and beyond your normal wash routine. Stripping may be necessary for several reasons:

  • You've accidentally used a detergent with fabric softener, fragrance, optical brighteners, or soap (such as Fels-Naptha in homemade laundry soap concoctions) and your diapers have residue lingering in the fibers. This can cause a loss of absorbency (repelling) or rashes on your baby's bottom.
  • You've used a thick, greasy diaper ointment without a liner, causing repelling.
  • Your diapers have a "barnyard" smell, indicating that your current wash routine isn't getting them fully clean.

If you need to strip your diapers more frequently than every few months or so, we recommend tweaking your regular laundry routine. Once you've established a good laundry routine with the right amount of detergent and water for your washer, you should be able to go months and months without needing to strip your diapers!