Pumping Doesn't Have to Suck

May 20, 2014 | 0 comments »

I've always hated pumping. 

No other activity in my life has ever made me feel so much like an actual cow. Not in the "I feel fat" kind of way, but in the literal sense of being mechanically milked. I can't get over how weird and awkward pumping can feel, but as a breastfeeding mom, sometimes it's just necessary.

I've always felt far more embarrassed about pumping than breastfeeding. Nursing the baby has never been difficult for me to do in public - I've got a cute nursing cover. In more private settings around family and close friends I'm even comfortable nursing without a cover. But pumping? That's a whole different story. 

When I returned to my job at a big accounting firm after the birth of my first child in 2012, I dreaded pumping. It was such an exhausting ordeal. I had a nice double electric pump and a hands-free pumping bra, but getting everything situated pretty much required taking all my clothes off from the waist up.

Once everything was set up, I felt totally vulnerable and I worried constantly about being interrupted. I mean, even Janet Jackson covered up her nipple during the infamous Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction", yet traditional breast pumps leave those zones totally visible through the plastic flanges! Maybe I'm weird, but I never even wanted my husband to be around me I was pumping.


My negative feelings about pumping totally changed, though, the minute I heard about the Freemie system, which gives moms an entirely new way to pump. The Freemie breastmilk collection cups are easily concealed under clothing so that you can pump discreetly and comfortably in any setting. The Freemie system is compatible with many mainstream breast pumps (see list at end of post) or can be used with the Freemie's own Freedom pump.


Now that I have the Freemie system, I don't dread pumping anymore. As a result, I've actually been able to pump more milk than I ever could with my old set-up, which I attribute to the fact that I'm not embarrassed about pumping or worried that someone will see me. For the first time ever, I'm building a small freezer stash so that I always have breast milk available to take to the gym, to church, or if I need to leave the baby at home with Daddy for a little while. 

Freemie collection cups are compatible with the following pumps:
  • Medela Lactina
  • Medela Personal
  • Medela Pump in Style Advanced
  • Medela Symphony
  • Philips Avent Twin Electric Breast Pump
  • Ameda Purely Yours