Newborn Cloth Diapering

Posted by Jennifer Guerin on September 24, 2016.


Some new moms know they want to cloth diaper their squishes from Day 1, or pretty soon after. For those lucky enough to see the light early on, (wink, wink) it can be confusing, especially for first time moms. How big will my baby be? What kind of diapers should I get? Will he/she be a heavy wetter? What if I don't like the kind of diapers I bought? What do I do with them after? How much is it going to cost?

To help with some of these uncertainties, Over the Moon Diapers has developed a successful newborn cloth diaper rental to fit your needs! We understand that buying a newborn stash can be a significant investment with so many questions unanswered until the babies arrives- that's why we've designed our rental packages to have a variety of diapers, from different price points to truly let you try it before you buy it.

Our Easy Peasy rental package takes the guesswork out how the diaper style works. This package has 4 brands of All-in-One (AIO) diapers. The style of AIOs resemble the way you would put on a disposable diaper, so there is less to figure out in those early, sleep-deprived days and nights. There is no stuffing, no adding layers or boosters or liners, just put them on as-is. This also takes the guesswork out with other caregivers who may be changing diapers, like Dad or Grandma. The package contains diapers with both snap closures and hook and loop, so you get an idea of what works best. We also include diapers from different price points so you will get the best idea of what you want to purchase for the long run.

Our This &That rental package contains a wider variety of diaper styles. In addition to the AIOs, we included a pocket diaper, as this is a popular style, an AIO/pocket blend, and a very popular envelope cover with inserts. We occasionally change the makeup of this package to trial new brands and styles. Again, we offer both snap closures and hook & loop, at a variety of price points.


Our hope is that you have a more affordable way of deciding how to spend your hard earned money cloth diapering your child in the long run.


Both packages include enough for 24 diaper changes. Rentals last for an 8 week period, but you do have the option to extend it, which is great for the skinny babes or preemies who are hanging out in the smaller sizes for a little longer. We also offer the option to include diaper pail liners and wet bags, for an additional fee. We have new packages as well as gently used packages, to meet your budget. From time to time, we retire our rental packages and our gently used newborn diapers are available to purchase at a significant discount from retail.

Jennifer Guerin


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