Five Reasons You'll Love the New Thirsties All-in-One

Posted by Courtney Moser on October 21, 2014.

Just as the Thirsties "duo" two-size pocket diaper was discontinued and replaced with a one-size pocket diaper earlier this year, Thirsties also discontinued the duo all-in-one last month.

As of today, the new and improved Thirsties one-size AIO is here and we are truly pleased with the improvements in this version of the diaper!  

How does the new one-size AIO compare to the prior version?

  1. More durable hook & loop closures
  2. Two rows of snaps on the waist instead of one for a more secure fit
  3. Absorbent soaker is sewn in on the front instead of the "tunnel" style soaker in the duo AIO, allowing the diaper to dry much more quickly
  4. 40% more absorbent than the duo AIO, but still easy to add a booster underneath if needed
  5. I'm personally excited about the new one-size AIO because I never liked the way that the duo AIO fit in the front for my two boys. In the design of the duo AIO, the soaker was sewn in the front somewhat low. The old design made the diaper fit in such a way that if the rise was on the largest setting, the ridge created by the soaker sat low enough to cause chafing on a little boy's private parts. Thankfully, this issue is resolved with the new design of the one-size AIO and now I can happily recommend this diaper for both girls and boys! 


Courtney Moser


  1. Dandi D April 28, 2015

    This looks really great—I’ll have to check it out!

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