Meet the Diaper Sprayer that Connects to Your Sink

Posted by Courtney Moser on October 08, 2014.

Usually when we talk to someone who's not sure if they want to use cloth diapers, they ask the question, "But what would I do with the poopy diapers?"

It's a fair question, especially for first-time expectant parents, who don't yet fully comprehend the incredible amount of baby bodily fluids they're going to have to deal with... regardless of their diapering choice!

Long gone are the days you'd have to rinse those dirties by hand. You still can if you want to, of course, but you can also use diaper liners or sprayers to make the task easier much less worthy of a visit from Mike Rowe. 

For renters or frequent travelers, the traditional toilet-connected diaper sprayer might not be a good option. However, if you still want the option of spraying diapers, the qdSpray offers much greater flexibility. The qdSpray connects to the sink and stretches over to your toilet with a 4-foot, 8-foot, or 12-foot hose. You can move it around to different bathrooms throughout the house - connecting and disconnecting it with one hand!

The qdSpray is an awesome way to spray cloth diapers - it attaches to your sink and stores away easily!

In our household, we've found an amazing number of uses for the qdSpray beyond simply cleaning off cloth diapers. It's been used for baby baths, dog baths, shower cleaning, and personal hygiene. It's been connected to several sinks in the house as well as one of our bathtub faucets. It will continue to be useful long after I no longer have babies in diapers!

We're giving away a 4-foot qdSpray to one lucky winner! 

And the other reason I love qdSpray? That would be the awesome lady behind this business, my dear friend Melissa. 


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