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Posted by Courtney Moser on March 31, 2014.

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My customers frequently ask me what my absolute favorite cloth diaper is, and that's a tough question to answer. My favorites have changed over the years. I used to love bumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers best, because they fit wonderfully and I love the adorable colors. Eventually, though, I got tired of having to stuff pocket diapers after every load of diaper laundry. 

Why I Adore All-in-Two's

Then began my love affair with all-in-two diapers (AI2s), a cloth diaper system in which you snap or lay inserts on top of a waterproof cover or "shell". I always encourage my customers to give AI2s a chance because they cut down on your laundry load sizes and take up less room in the diaper bag. Plus, the shells last longer over time since they don't have to be washed and dried after every single use.

I also love that AI2s are so affordable. You can use each shell multiple times with fresh inserts, making them much less expensive on a "per-change" basis than pocket diapers or all-in-ones. This chart shows cost comparisons from the Diaper Wrecker All-in-Two Diaper Guide, assuming an average of six inserts per shell. (I personally tend to go through approximately four inserts per shell, but this will vary based on  your baby's age and elimination patterns.)

SoftBums Really Are "One-Size"

I guess the title of this blog post was a bit of a spoiler, but yes - my personal favorite all-in-two diaper is SoftBums (with GroVia as close runner-up). SoftBums makes a true "one-size" diaper that fits from newborn to toddler, and the toggle elastic system makes for an easily customizable fit - no rise snaps to bother with! 

These sweet boys are both modeling their SoftBums Echo diapers on different elastic settings. On the left, a 10-pound 7-week old wears the adorable light blue snowcone color with the elastic almost all the way cinched up and a mini drypod inside. On the right, a 32-pound 2-year-old wears the more vibrant ocean color with the elastic toggles all the way extended and a one-size drypod inside. 

Choose SoftBums If: 

  • You're about to have a baby and you want to cloth diaper from birth. You don't want to use disposables to bridge the gap until your baby will start fitting in other "one-size" diapers, and you don't feel like renting newborn diapers.
  • You're just starting to cloth diaper an older baby, and you'd like to be able to use the same diapers for your next baby in the future. 
  • Stuffing pocket diapers doesn't appeal to you.
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