Introducing Doctor O's Balm

Posted by Courtney Moser on January 18, 2014.

Over the Moon Diapers is thrilled to introduce an awesome new diaper rash remedy to our selection of diaper ointments - Doctor O's Balm. Why are we so excited about a tube of diaper balm, you ask? Here's our top three reasons:

  1. It really, truly works on those painful red rashes. We've all dealt with those bouts of diaper rash. While they may be infrequent, it just makes your heart hurt to see your baby in such discomfort.
  2. It smells amazing! Doctor O's smells fresh and clean, similar to baby powder.
  3. It's all-natural and has just six ingredients. (Have you looked at the labels on some of the rash creams on the market today? It's not uncommon to find over 20 ingredients, many of which are difficult to pronounce or identify!)

After seeing far too many of his tiniest patients battling horrible diaper rashes, Dr. Keith Owen was frustrated and saw that many of the creams parents were using would simply disappear shortly after application. Therefore, Dr. Owen and collaborated with a dermatalogic chemist to create an all-natural diaper balm that would actually stay on baby's skin to protect and heal baby's delicate skin.

I can personally attest to how quickly this cream worked to clear up an angry-looking red rash on my toddler. I used it without a liner and it did not transfer to the diaper, but the cream was totally hidden between the cheeks, so to speak.

Therefore, I tested it on several types of cloth diapers to determine whether it would be considered "cloth-safe" - that is, okay to use without a diaper linerI smeared a pea-sized amount of Doctor O's Balm on the side of my hand and then wiped as much of it as possible into various cloth diaper fabrics. I wiped my hand forcefully across the cloth - under normal circumstances, it's unlikely that so much would transfer to the cloth. Next, I put the diapers through my regular wash routine (warm pre-rinse, hot wash with detergent, cold rinse). 

I did find trace amounts of the balm still visible on the diaper, so if you're using this product on parts of baby's skin where it's likely that it could transfer to your baby's cloth diaper, I'd recommend using a liner to prevent build-up. However, it's definitely worth the extra step of the liner when your baby is suffering from a bad rash. This stuff really works because of the fact that it stays on baby's skin so well! 

Courtney Moser


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