5 Tips for getting Dad On Board with Cloth Diapering

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Initially, dads can be a tough sell when it comes to cloth diapering. It can be intimidating. When they find out they can't just toss a dirty diaper in the diaper pail, some dads freak. Sometimes it can take a little convincing. Here are 5 tips to help get to get dads on board with cloth:


  1. Savings. Cha Ching! This will be your easiest argument. And let's face it...it's why a lot of us looked into cloth in the first place. If he doesn't just take your word for it, you can always track expenses- average costs of disposables and wipes over 2.5-3.5 years, increases in trash bag expenses, track energy and water costs, account for inflation by the time your little one is potty trained...or you can pull up some comparisons that someone's already done for you. Like here, and here.
  2. In the interest of keeping things simple, use one type of diaper in your stash. If you have more than one or two varieties of diapers, it can get confusing. It's hard to remember if you're supposed to snap something in, fold something, stuff it, where, with what...you get the picture.
  3. Use All-in-Ones (AIOs). This also keeps things very simple. You pick the diaper up, you put it on the bum. Just like a 'sposie. You've now killed the argument that they don't understand how it's supposed to work. Easy to take care of out of the laundry. Easy to put on the bum.
  4. Does Dad take the trash out? Well he's going to have a whole lot more trash to haul if your family uses disposables. That's precious time he's not spending with Junior. You don't want to miss any of those first milestones while you're constantly taking the trash out, do you Dad?
  5. Notice I keep coming back to keeping things simple? Well it worked for me! I cut Over the Moon Daddy a little slack sometimes, and I don't insist that he use cloth wipes...I let him use the disposable wipes. When we introduced solids, I thought we could hack it with our special bathroom spatula. Well, that led to a lot of poopy diapers being piled up waiting for me to deal with, so we got the Diaper Dawg sprayer, and that was a God send. If that's not in your budget, you can always use disposable liners and just plop the solids in the trash.

As with most things in life, you just have to make some compromises and find a solution that works for you and your family. There's no award for being the most clothy family ever, so if you do it part time or if you don't use cloth wipes, it's ok.

**Bonus tip**: If all of the above fails, you can try to entice Dad with a WAHM diaper with his favorite team's logo. Who wouldn't want to see that on a fluff bum?


Newborn Cloth Diapering

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Some new moms know they want to cloth diaper their squishes from Day 1, or pretty soon after. For those lucky enough to see the light early on, (wink, wink) it can be confusing, especially for first time moms. How big will my baby be? What kind of diapers should I get? Will he/she be a heavy wetter? What if I don't like the kind of diapers I bought? What do I do with them after? How much is it going to cost?

To help with some of these uncertainties, Over the Moon Diapers has developed a successful newborn cloth diaper rental to fit your needs! We understand that buying a newborn stash can be a significant investment with so many questions unanswered until the babies arrives- that's why we've designed our rental packages to have a variety of diapers, from different price points to truly let you try it before you buy it.

Our Easy Peasy rental package takes the guesswork out how the diaper style works. This package has 4 brands of All-in-One (AIO) diapers. The style of AIOs resemble the way you would put on a disposable diaper, so there is less to figure out in those early, sleep-deprived days and nights. There is no stuffing, no adding layers or boosters or liners, just put them on as-is. This also takes the guesswork out with other caregivers who may be changing diapers, like Dad or Grandma. The package contains diapers with both snap closures and hook and loop, so you get an idea of what works best. We also include diapers from different price points so you will get the best idea of what you want to purchase for the long run.

Our This &That rental package contains a wider variety of diaper styles. In addition to the AIOs, we included a pocket diaper, as this is a popular style, an AIO/pocket blend, and a very popular envelope cover with inserts. We occasionally change the makeup of this package to trial new brands and styles. Again, we offer both snap closures and hook & loop, at a variety of price points.


Our hope is that you have a more affordable way of deciding how to spend your hard earned money cloth diapering your child in the long run.


Both packages include enough for 24 diaper changes. Rentals last for an 8 week period, but you do have the option to extend it, which is great for the skinny babes or preemies who are hanging out in the smaller sizes for a little longer. We also offer the option to include diaper pail liners and wet bags, for an additional fee. We have new packages as well as gently used packages, to meet your budget. From time to time, we retire our rental packages and our gently used newborn diapers are available to purchase at a significant discount from retail.

The "Happy Anniversary" Giveaway {$200 prize package!}

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Over the Moon has been in business for three years! That's three years full of meeting wonderful customers and helping them with their cloth diapering needs. It's hard to believe that all of our first little customers are now big boys and girls who don't need their cloth diapers anymore! 

We're celebrating this anniversary with an awesome giveaway! We'll bestow one of our lucky friends with an awesome $200 prize package full of some of our favorite products. Thank you to AppleCheeks and qdSpray for partnering with us in this giveaway! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Cloth Diaper Friendly Daycares in Memphis

July 02, 2015 | 1 comments »

If you're one of our wonderful locals, you may be wondering if you can keep your little one in cloth diapers at daycare. For Tennesseans, there is no statute that would prevent a daycare from saying "yes" to cloth diapers

We try to stay informed of which Memphis-area daycares are open to the use of cloth diapers. If you have any updates to this list, feel free to drop us a line at support@overthemoondiapers.com!

Last updated 7/3/2015

Rail Against the Danger

April 30, 2015 | 0 comments »

rail against the danger logo

My talented cousin Mariellen Jacobs is not only a loved family member, but we consider her a member of the Over the Moon Diapers family as well - she designed our precious logo!

In January of this year, near tragedy struck the Jacobs family when Clark, a sophomore in college, fell out of his loft bed while sleeping and fractured his skull. After several days in the hospital, his condition worsened, and he had emergency brain surgery to save his life. Thankfully, he has pulled through and is now making incredible strides in his recovery, but the road ahead is still a long one. 

Most of our customers are still in that season of life where we're worried about the transition from crib to toddler bed, and of course railings are a necessity at that time! However, the idea that a teenager or young adult - or anyone, really - can sleep safely on a 6-foot or 7-foot loft bed without a railing is just plain crazy! On behalf of the safety of college students like her son, Mariellen is campaigning to make railings on high beds mandatory


Please help spread the word! 

"Wild About Cloth Diapers" Giveaway

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Four Cloth Diapering Laundry Mistakes to Avoid

March 29, 2015 | 6 comments »

If you're new to cloth diapers, we don't want you to feel overwhelmed. However, we also want to make sure you get started on the right foot with good washing habits so that you don't get frustrated by laundry issues.
cloth diaper laundry mistakes
Based on years of helping customers troubleshoot problems and then establish good, simple wash routines, here are the top four mistakes we see that lead to problems:
  1. Not washing frequently enough. Don't let soiled diapers sit in the pail for more than three days between washes. The longer your diapers sit, the more the urea breaks down and converts to ammonia. Ammonia builds up in the fibers of the diapers and is difficult to wash out in a normal wash cycle (more noticeably with microfiber). 
  2. Using the incorrect amount of detergent. Too little detergent means you can get ammonia build up; too much may cause detergent residue. Both can irritate your baby's skin. Use the proper amount of a good detergent for a heavily soiled load.
  3. Skipping the pre-rinse. The more water you have flowing through your diapers, the cleaner they will be. A pre-rinse in cold or warm water ensures that you are not trying to clean your cloth diapers in dirty water. 
  4. Too many additives. Additives refer to anything you add to your wash routine aside from your trusty detergent. These include vinegar, baking soda, bleach, oxygen bleach, borax, essential oils, etc. Creating an overly complicated wash routine with multiple products often causes further problems.

Check out some of our cloth diaper laundry supplies to help you along your way!

Black Friday Deals & Mystery Codes

November 27, 2014 | 0 comments »

This year, we're excited to offer you the best post-Thanksgiving deals we've ever had! In general, most of these discounts are good from Black Friday through Cyber Monday; however, each product page displays a countdown timer which shows how long the offer lasts. 


Five Reasons You'll Love the New Thirsties All-in-One

October 21, 2014 | 1 comments »

Just as the Thirsties "duo" two-size pocket diaper was discontinued and replaced with a one-size pocket diaper earlier this year, Thirsties also discontinued the duo all-in-one last month.

As of today, the new and improved Thirsties one-size AIO is here and we are truly pleased with the improvements in this version of the diaper!  

How does the new one-size AIO compare to the prior version?

  1. More durable hook & loop closures
  2. Two rows of snaps on the waist instead of one for a more secure fit
  3. Absorbent soaker is sewn in on the front instead of the "tunnel" style soaker in the duo AIO, allowing the diaper to dry much more quickly
  4. 40% more absorbent than the duo AIO, but still easy to add a booster underneath if needed
  5. I'm personally excited about the new one-size AIO because I never liked the way that the duo AIO fit in the front for my two boys. In the design of the duo AIO, the soaker was sewn in the front somewhat low. The old design made the diaper fit in such a way that if the rise was on the largest setting, the ridge created by the soaker sat low enough to cause chafing on a little boy's private parts. Thankfully, this issue is resolved with the new design of the one-size AIO and now I can happily recommend this diaper for both girls and boys! 


Do You Have a Bum Placement Obsession?

October 17, 2014 | 8 comments »

Before the bumGenius limited-edition madness really gained momentum, I had never heard of the term "bum placement". When my kids were little, bum placement meant, "Sit down on your bottom and listen to Mom. Right now!"

However, in the market for used bumGenius limited edition prints, bum placement gets a lot of attention. Certain diapers command a premium in resale when it comes to the arrangement of wording and/or images on the back of the diaper. 

One of the most coveted bumGenius prints, Jules, has even spawned its own terminology in cloth diapering circles. "Trifecta bum" refers to a Jules diaper where the squid, the anchor, and the submarine are all visible on the diaper's backside.

The newest bumGenius limited edition print, Martin, is a gorgeous black and white design with just one main element, a lion, which is alternated right-side-up and upside-down.

Martin should please those bum-placement-obsessed mamas, since at least one part of the design will be right-side up whether you're looking at the front or the back of the diaper. In addition, the back should always have the majority of the lion visible (at least on the diapers we've checked - but no two will be exactly alike!) 



If you're a little OCD like I am, I understand how you can be a little obsessed over the placement on your beautiful new diaper! Just leave me a note in the order comments and I'll do my best to find the placement you're looking for. (Flips are the exception - they come folded up inside a package, so we can't check on them).
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