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qdspray Sink-Connected Sprayer

qdSpray sink connecting diaper sprayer


The qdspray is a multipurpose sprayer that quickly and easily disconnects from almost any sink or tub. The qdspray features variable pressure and the ability to spray cold, warm, or hot water.

Because of its portability, the qdspray has many uses: 

  • Pre-rinsing cloth diapers (take it with you when traveling!)
  • Bathing newborns
  • Cleaning bath tubs and showers
  • Quick hair washes in the sink
  • Bathing pets

The qdspray is available in three different lengths. It comes packaged in a durable mesh bag with a drawstring, allowing it to be stored in a linen closet, under-sink cabinet, in the shower, or anywhere else!

Wondering if the qdspray will fit your faucet? Check out the user manual here

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