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Nosefrida "The Snotsucker"

Nosefrida "The Snotsucker"


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NoseFrida is a highly effective, non-invasive nasal aspirator unlike any other on the market! NoseFrida forms a seal with the outside of the baby's nostril, creating a vacuum. Parent-powered mouth suction is much stronger and gets better results than the static suction of bulb or battery-powered aspirators. Plus, baby is much less likely to resist the use of the NoseFrida because there is no piece of the device that has to go up inside the nostril. NoseFrida is also more hygienic - replaceable filters keep the gunk from traveling through the suction tube, and all parts of the NoseFrida come apart easily for cleaning. 

This product comes with three filters, but you can also buy a pack of 20 additional filters when needed.

But... isn't suctioning your baby's nose with your mouth kind of gross?

We get this question all the time! Sure, it sounds kind of weird at first. However, after personally using the NoseFrida for years, I've never had a situation where the gunk from baby's nose traveled all the way up the 4-inch NoseFrida tube and touched the filter. But if it did - that's what the filter is there for! When you think about it, the NoseFrida is actually much less gross than the rubber suction bulbs, because you can actually clean the NoseFrida properly and replace the filter when needed, versus wondering whether there is mold or bacteria lurking inside!